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WAYNE MCGARVIS is a bestselling author, researcher, and philanthropist. Ten of his novels featuring Detective Constantine Havilland (All Wet, Ratted Out, Spring Breakdown, Low Blows, Writing On The Wall, Holy Trinity, Deja Coup, Hack Heaven, Probable Claus, Cheap Suits) have made the New York Post bestseller list. He graduated summa cum laude from University of Alabama with a degree in communications in 1976. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Progenitor Technologies, established 2012 and named after a similar corporation in his Trevor Killian series. This new conglomeration of ambitious and innovative biotechnology companies strives to give struggling smaller firms the resources to provide Progenitor's many public and private clients with the latest in research and development.

His upcoming novel, Clutch Situation, will be released in summer 2015. Join Detective Havilland as he delves deep into the seedy underside of Las Vegas and faces off with the most inhuman, monstrous villain he has ever encountered. Will he crack the cryptic casino clues left by the scheming X. Icarus Smythe? Will he win the heart of the alluring, whip-smart Ebony Morningstar? Most importantly, will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas...forever?

The Killer from the East: McGarvis's latest book

In this modern military tour-de-force from the New York Post bestselling author of The Killing House, deadly Navy SEAL Trevor Killian fights for the causes he believes in in the most dangerous warzone on Earth: his own backyard.

The Iraqis have invaded America, and after suffering a bullet to the brain only a special exo-skeleton created and fitted by Progenitor Technologies will save him to defend the country he loves.

But is that all that's going on? Join Killian as he takes a whirlwind adventure across the states, killing for the freedom of all Americans and uncovering a plot that threatens the very values this nation holds dear. Does the conspiracy go all the way up to the White House? You'll have to find out. "The Killer from the East;" in stores now.

"How far will you go?" "Far enough until Justice is served." - Trevor Killian